I live in a rural area.  I'm inspired daily by animals and things that I experience.  Country life is rich and full of subject matter.  Indeed,  I am a blessed artist!

Other Paintings

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Latest Work

I love painting animals.  My family raises cattle, sheep, pigs and an occasional goat.  We have recently acquired chickens as a hobby.  I'm inspired daily by my rural surroundings.

Animal Paintings

 I love going to local antique malls and flea markets to pick up new or unusual objects to use in my paintings.  As I paint the objects I sometimes imagine  the places, people, and story behind them.

I paint many things.  I love to paint birds, flowers, fruit, portraits, patriotic subject matter.  So many things to paint in this life.....so little time to accomplish them !


still life

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About Me 

Art by Cheri Wollenberg

Three Amigos by Cheri Wollenberg


I have been an oil painting artist for over 25 years.  I  love expressing with brush and oil paints the things that inspire me or make me curious about the lives and stories of other people, places or things.  I love to connect to people through art.  It is so universal!  Art is a life process that everyone participates in.   My greatest desires are to pursue excellence in both the art of painting and living a life worthy of my Creator and Master Designer.